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Hello my name is Cindy and for years I have seen forex brokers and forex educators rip people off. Back in 2006 I decided to start a side hobby of building a forex review site. The result is what you see now.

I pray my site will help you save your hard earned money by avoiding the bad brokers that hunt your stops and the forex educators who donít have a clue about trading.

I have been trading for over 8 years, the last 6 full time. Iíve taken over 25 trading courses and most arenít worth their salt. Although I donít teach trading I do want to help you not get ripped off. If you sign up for my free newsletter, Iíll teach you how to spot the forex brokers that hunt stops. Iíll also teach you an amazing news trading secret if youíre into that type of trading.

If you are trying to become a successful Day Trader, then you should visit my forex training page. There are many traders out there who can't trade worth a crap, so they turn to making their money by selling you products, or mentorships that are completely worthless. If you want to learn how to trade, then the only person I suggest you follow is Mike Swanson. He is the only one I know of that has turned several people into professional traders.

If you are more interested in learning to become a successful Swing/Position Trader, then I suggest you check out my new "Consistent Carry Trade" method.

Iím always upfront, so I must tell you I do offer a signal service that I believe is top notch, but even if you never join I still want to help you.

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