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TFR Signals EA


Live Trading Statement

How would you like to average 10.27% per month with no work on your part?

First read the nitpicky lawyer explanation/risk disclaimer: I do not guarantee you anything, except your money back if you donít like my service*. If I guaranteed your returns I would be breaking the law, like lots of the idiot forex gurus, and would end up in jail. I wonít do that. My past performance has been spectacular with my auto day trading system, but that does not guarantee the future in any way shape or form. Trading in itself implies risk and if you are not willing to take any risk trading is not for you.

Letís talk about you.

Are you tired of trading hours at a time?

Are you tired of missing emails of when to get in and when to get out of the market?

Is the learning curve to learn to trade too steep?

Are you tired of blowing up your account?

Are you new to trading and donít know where to start?

My auto program is the answer to all the above questions and much more. Itís an auto traded program run through Metatrader so you never miss a trade. I have no access to your account and you pick the leverage up to a maximum of 10 leverage. FYI- All examples on this page are done at the maximum of 10 leverage. If you want to cut the risk in half which also cuts the returns in half you can lower the leverage to 5 in the system. You can even lower the leverage to 1 or 2 if you want.

My system is:

1.      On 100% Autopilot.

2.      Does not require any emotional trading decisions.

3.      Does not require any trading education or knowledge. Simply install the software and watch your profits grow each month.

4.      I guarantee you that it will change the way youíve thought and been taught how money should be made in the forex.

5.      Works in trending and consolidating markets.

6.      Works whether the market is going up or down.

7.      Works even when banks are going bankrupt and housing prices are crashing.

8.      Does not require staying up all night waiting for a signal or signal providers email.

9.      Has no discretion; therefore has no confusion on conflicting signals. You might know the type of confusion I am talking about, ďIs that a Fibonacci pullback or a new trend forming?Ē

What if the market crashes? What if the market goes sideways for years?

! My auto system simply doesnít care. It only cares about small price movements of about 10-80 pips. Movements that usually occur within a few hours throughout the day. Movements that will ALWAYS occur, no matter what happens to the world economy or the markets.

That's why it has been profitable in the past. That's exactly why it has withstood all types of market conditions; including the latest market crash.

To sum it up... without any of the downsides associated with conventional thinking and doing.

Don't get me wrong. It's not an easy job to build a great forex trading robot. Or let's put it this way: it's not an easy job to build a Forex auto trading program that will be both ACCURATE and PROFITABLE, but it's EASY to make money with it once it's built!

It actually took me 23 FULL months to build a profit pulling Forex robot. Yes, you read correctly, 23 FULL months!

But, you know what? I love the work and maybe thatís why my auto system works so well. I did not stop when I created a mediocre system. I did not stop when I recently created this powerful consistent system. All members will get all new updates for free for life.

You know, people always ask me ďCindy, whatís your secret, how are you able to outperform every single trading robot out there?Ē

Well, after developing numerous trading robots throughout the years, I learned the true secret that separates EXTREMELY profitable ones from average ones:

I Learned The Secret That Allowed Me To Produce What No Person Believed Possible Ė An Automatic Robot That Has Years of Trading With Steady Returns. Not Pie In The Sky, Hyped Up Numbers, But Real Consistent Returns Month after Month.

So what is the secret? It's ALL about what I call ďIncremental Reverse Ratio Money Management.Ē

Itís a discovery that took me thousands of hours of testing, sleepless nights and years of research. So there you have it.

Thatís my secret. Thatís what puts my Forex Auto Program light years ahead of the competition. Thatís what allows steady profits year after year.

And Today, My Forex Auto Program is The Perfect Income Solution For Those People Who:

o        Want to trade with the most accurate Forex robot in the
world Ė Not all trades win, but overall a strong winning system.

o        Can't Monitor the Forex Market because of a day job, commitments, etc and want automatic software to do it for them.

o        Want to trade Forex profitably but don't know how (no need to know, the robot does everything for you...from A to Z!)

o        Want a secondary or primary income source thatís consistent.

o        Want to be amongst the 2-3% of forex traders who grow their trading account like wild breeding rabbits.

o        Want to break out from the boring and frustrating routine of hard work and no money (but frequently a lot of debt!)

o        Want to start making money this month, not 6 months from now!

Actually, this last point brings me to the following:

My 10 minute guarantee. If you are not up and running in 10 minutes, not only will I refund you, but I will give you an extra $10 for your trouble.

I'm not sure how long youíve been in the Forex business, but one thing I can tell you is that Iím personally FED UP with the way product vendors describe the ďease of useĒ of their product.

Statements like ďYouíll be up and running in no timeĒ or,

ďA few minutes is all you need to get started...Ē

Yeah sure, what they mean is that itíll take a few minutes of your time to figure out that ďa few minutesĒ isnít even close.

Sorry for being sarcastic but it does amuse me!

Let's make it simple. I'm the type of person that likes to have things presented to me AS THEY ARE rather than useless marketing sentences. And Iím sure youíre the same.

I Guarantee to you that from the moment you download my Forex Auto Program, you can be up and running in 10 minutes or lessÖ

A True No Brainer: Read my short word document that is filled with step by step screen shots, Download my auto program, Plug it in and Forget about it.
All in under 10 minutes!

If you know how to start your computer and download a file (although even thatís explained!), you can start using my auto program in a little under 10 minutes.


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The internet has made it possible for you to rake in thousands of dollars in profit on a monthly basis; Without Ever Moving a Finger.

It's truly impressive how times change, how the world changes.

I wish that 10 years ago I had the same technology that you can count on today. Turn on your computer; install a small software application and make money on a monthly basis - consistently and easily.

The internet has made it possible for many people to have a new future. Itís as simple as that.

You know what the problem is? Itís really very simple.

Only a few people know how to spot a new opportunity. Even fewer people know how to take advantage of an opportunity theyíve spotted!

Bottom line, most people are ďslowĒ in the way they perceive change and opportunity...

Itís sad to say, but most people only recognize opportunity AFTER the fact!

Itís those who recognize an opportunity when itís HOT, right out of the gate, that become wealthy and don't end up saying ďMan! did I miss that?Ē

You know exactly what I mean and, to be honest, itís happened to me in the past too. But we live and learn right?

Sometimes, taking advantage of an opportunity is simple and most importantly risk free.

Iíll get to the risk free part in just a moment.

When was the last time you had zero fear trading?You will only have no fear when you have these three things:

  1. A system that actually works with clear defined rules for entry, stops and targets.
  2. A clear stop loss.
  3. A small trading margin that in no way makes you nervous.


Most people when down 50% donít think logically anymore, they think emotionally.The cure is to NEVER be down that much in the first place. That is one of the reasons 95% of traders lose.


Itís hard to pick the top and bottom of a trend, but itís not so hard to catch a good portion of the middle of the trend.I do all of this while limiting my risk.But donít think it is only a trend following system. My forex auto program does just as well in a range bound market because of my unique proprietary money management.

I am taking ordinary, busy people and turning them into profit pulling machines, without work, without stress, without bosses, co-workers, office hours, commuting, or anything else related to conventional ďworkĒ.

To put things into perspective;

ďThe Winning Formula is Here:
Accuracy + Consistency = Reliable Income!Ē 

We all want to make money. We all want to find that opportunity that will help us get out of debt, grow richer, let us enjoy life.

And the naked truth is: No matter what type of business/investment opportunity you are looking for, the most important things I am sure you consider are:


1.      What are my odds of making money from this opportunity?


2.      How much money do I have to invest in it?


3.      How much work do I have to put into it?

Let's look at each one closely:

1. What are the odds of making money from my Forex Auto Program?

I trade only the EUR/GBP and the win/loss ratio is over 90%. Even if a loosing trade is larger than a winning trade, then the system can still be profitable because of this high win/loss ratio.

Here are some more statistics all based on the maximum of 10 leverage. You may run lower leverage if you donít like the max losing month. You can cut it in half or one third, but this will also cut your profits down.

Average monthly Non-compounded return: 10.27%

Average monthly compounded return: 13.12%

Largest winning month: 62.39%

Largest losing month: 26.75%

Average winning month: 19.35%

Average losing month: 7.97%

% of profitable months: 67.14% (about one out of three months will be a losing month. This does not matter if you understand the numbers above)

Average number of trades per month: 20 (this ranges anywhere from 15 to 50)

With an average of 10.27% per month it doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out that this adds up to a lot of money in a short period of time. Yes a couple of months per year will lose, that happens on ALL GOOD TRADING SYSTEMS, but if you just stick with it you will see the power of high monthly compounded returns working for you. Your only job is to have the patience to hold through the few losing months that will happen each year.

See the equity chart below of the monthly non-compounded return trading only 1 standard lot:

These results are with a starting account of only $10,000!!!

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2. How much money do you need to invest in it?

This is actually one of the most exciting features of my program. To start with, you can trade my auto program on a demo account which is provided 100% free by almost every forex broker.  Like the results after demo trading (which I am sure youíll LOVE), move to a live account which can be opened with as little as $100.

Oh, Iím letting you test it for 90 days risk free*. Don't like it? Return it for a full and immediate refund - no questions asked.

Bottom lineÖ finding out if this cash pulling program is for you wonít cost you a single cent, but NOT finding out could be very expensive!

I don't know of any other investment that has such a low risk coupled with such potential profit. That is why I trade it.

3. How much work do I have to put into it?

ZERO! Download it, install it, set it running and youíre done! It profitably trades for you while you are sleeping, enjoying life with your family & friends, or vacationing! No maintenance, no monitoring, nothing.

Listen very closely now... after 8 years in the forex trading business Iíve seen it ALL!

- Forex courses...
- Forex trading signal providers...
- Forex robots...
- Forex trading advisors...

Öyou name it, Iíve seen, tried and studied it.

Some are good, some are ďso soĒ, but most arenít worth a minute of your time.

But the real secret, what separates very profitable forex traders from average traders is being able to count on a system thatís consistent and requires absolutely NO human intervention.

This is the key, so please pay very close attention...

If you want to make a killing in the Forex market you have to use a system that requires absolutely no human intervention:

-- No Thought
-- No Judgement
-- No Interpretation
-- No Emotion

In other words: Automatic trading carried out by a robot (auto system). If youíve been a subscriber to my website for some time youíve heard me bash other auto trading programs, and for good reason. None of them worked for me. I tested over 25 signal companies and/or auto trade companies.

But thatís only part of the secret...

Itís NOT enough to have a forex robot to trade for you. At the end of the day, you can find countless FX robots on the market.

The second part of the secret is finding a Forex robot thatís consistent in its profitability. It has to be reliable, it has to be accurate.

Let me give you an example:

A Forex robot is advertised as making a profit of $207,000 in 3 years. Looks wonderful right?  

Well, thatís great, in theory at least!

Let me tell you what the first and most important question I ask myself when I see something like that. The first thing that crosses my mind:

How much risk was taken each month to achieve those profits and how much money did the account start with?

In other words, was the $207,000 achieved steadily over the period of 36 months (for example, almost every month generated a steady profit)? If yes, thatís great. It means that I will be able to start trading it and most probably see an income right away.


Did the robot generate most of its income within just a few of those 36 months? Or in the middle few months? In other words, did it have sharp losing months followed by ďmake upĒ months? Did it have losing months of 40%, 50% or even greater? If so that is way too high of risk for me and should be for you to. To some of you 40% does not sound high, but when you have a $200,000 account, losing $80,000 of your retirement funds WILL SHAKE YOU. That is why draw downs must be small and manageable. Any robot, money manager or forex teacher that says you wonít have draw downs is lying to you. That is why I leave the margin decision up to you and limit it to a maximum of 10.

If the account started with $100,000, then $207,000 in 3 years is really not that impressive when you count compounding. Now if it started with only $10,000 or $20,000 that would be much more impressive. FYI- My chart above is starting with a $10,000 account.

The Key Is Having A Consistent Money Maker... A Forex Auto Program That Has Shown The Ability To Generate Money Religiously On A Weekly or Monthly Basis.

Read the following sentence (3 times if you have to) because itís of PARAMOUNT importance, itís what separates people who make money trading forex from those who don't:

It is NOT about how OFTEN it produces a profit, but are the winners larger than the losers?

Why do I tell you that this is the true secret of building HUGE wealth?

Because if youíre trading a consistent profit pulling forex system, not only will you be ecstatic when you see dollars in your account every week, but youíll be able to use the secret weapon that builds empires.

Youíll be able to use the most profitable concept in trading - COMPOUNDING!

In other words, profit from your profits!

 ďHow To Make $3,000,000 (3 Million) Trading ForexĒ

The power of compounding can increase your wealth like nothing you have ever dreamed or seen before.

Trust me when I say this; RICH people become rich because they know how to profit from their profits (i.e. compounding).

I have already proven to you that it is a FACT that $10,000 grows into $3,000,000. The only reason that is possible is because:

My system uses a revolutionary money management system, besides AUTOMATICALLY profiting on your profits it also does my proprietary ďIncremental Reverse Ratio Money Management.Ē

Imagine the power of compounding together with an internal formula integrated into the software that profits on your profits. I HOPE you can see the amazing power here,

And the beauty of all of this is that you do not have to start with $10,000. You can start trading with as little as $500 and grow it to astronomical amounts.

Some people will never see a million dollars in their entire lifetime. For others, itís just a matter of how long!

Growing rich trading Forex is about:

1.      Trading with a great system Ė Accurate, consistent, no human intervention
- and -

2.      Compounding your profits

Thatís it. No more, no less.

Be smarter than the 95% in the losing crowd and understand this ďsecretĒ.

Be wiser than the average person who thinks he can buy a trading system and make $20,000 per week from a $500 starting capital.

And yes, I know what you are probably thinking right now;

ďOk Cindy...that sounds about right. But where do I find a Forex trading program that spits out profit steadily and consistently?Ē

Allow me to brag a little.

You are about to find one that spits that and much more!

That should give you a few ideas to kick off with.

It's your decision whether you become part of the select Forex Auto Program team, but regardless of what you do, ALWAYS remember the power of compounding, no matter what system you decide to trade. And ALWAYS remember you can make money with only a small win ratio as long as your winners are larger than your losers.

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 Heather, TX

Date: 2010-02-04
Testimonial: I started trading TFR Signals about 3 months ago and it is the only robot that has made me money longer than a month. I am now going to try out their other robots that they recently added. I will let you know how these work out for me. Thanks Cindy!

 Gary, FL

Date: 2009-06-28
Testimonial: This trading system has performed better than advertised. I am up almost 20% in about 6 weeks so far. It is great to FINALLY find someone that is trustworthy and is actually making money in this crazy forex market. Keep Up The Good Work!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Like many others, you probably have a number of questions about my Forex Auto Program so let's try to cover some frequently asked questions:

Q: The results look too good to be true - can a program really achieve that?

A: 400 years ago, people thought the world was flat. 200 years ago, no-one could have imagined that one day we would be able to fly. 100 years ago, the word "television" didn't exist. 10 years ago, trading forex from your desktop wasn't even close to being a reality! Hopefully, you get my point.

When I say that technology has brought with it a new era, a new future, I meant every word of it. Years of learning together with advances in technology have allowed trading accuracy to advance 10 steps further. Just as in the above examples, 10 years ago no one would believe that accuracy over almost 6 years of trading was possible BUT, from today onward, it's going to be a new reality just like any other revolutionary technological advance that enters our lives.

To be completely honest, the best thing I can tell you is "test it!" Once you do, you'll see that EVERY word in this letter is 100% accurate. No more and no less. It's actually pretty black and white - either the numbers are there or they're not and I guarantee that once you fire up the software, you'll see that they definitely are as long as you give it some time to run. Because draw downs are part of the game it is possible that your fist month is a draw down. The important thing is that overall my system is VERY profitable so it does not matter if you lose money your first month.

Q: How much money do I need to start trading with?

A: You can start with literally any amount. In the download section I provide you with a list of brokers, some of whom will allow you to open a live account with as little as $500. I am not an introducing broker so I donít care who you go with. Beware of those signal companies that are introducing brokers because they get paid every time a trade goes through. Human nature being what it is wouldnít you agree that a system that does lots of trades is what those guys want? Absolutely, that affects profitability. That is why I am not an introducing broker. I have your interest at heart first. My system averages 40 trades per month and I donít get paid a dime from any brokers if it does more or less.

Q: Do I need to risk money to see if it works exactly as you show and explain?

A: Absolutely not and this is VERY important. First, you have 90 full days* to do whatever you want with it. Test it, demo trade it as much as you want to.

Don't like it? Return it! No hard feelings, No questions asked.

Second, you can open a demo account with a large number of Forex brokers and trade it with virtual money before you decide to go live. You donít have to spend one single dollar to do this.

Iím making this a truly risk free investment for you because I know this is the best Forex Auto Program ever designed. I'm confident in my product and therefore Iím willing to back it up.

Q: I have never traded Forex before, is your Forex Auto Program for me?

A: Yes. If you know how to download a file, you can trade my Forex Auto Program. It's a ďplug and playĒ type of system so just download it, install it and the program starts trading for you. You donít need to know anything about the Forex market or how to trade it.

Q: If many people trade with your Auto Program, can that affect its accuracy and profitability?
A: Yes, but itís not so much about the number of people. Itís more about the amount of money being traded. I could have 100 people with only 10k account each and that would not matter. But if just 2 or 3 of them had one million dollar accounts that could affect fills. That means price could start slipping and we would not get the optimal entry and exit. At least some of us would not. For this reason I am only letting a limited number of people join the program.

I am only selling 100 memberships at this time. This is not a marketing ploy, once they are gone, they are gone. I make the bulk of my money from trading, not selling signals. For those of you that have been on my list awhile, you know I have not sold anything for years. The reason I am doing this is simple. Because it is a day trading system there is only so much liquidity. Since I donít know the account size of all the participants and I want everyone to get good execution I must limit the number of subscribers. If my personal orders donít get slipped after the 100 spots are filled I might add another 50, but that is not a promise. I do promise you that I am never going out of business and I donít plan on dying anytime soon. So if you get in, you are in for life (the length of my life, not yours).

Donít believe the hype of, ďLots of people still donít realize just how huge the Forex market actually is Ė itís the largest market in the world. Itís larger than ALL the stock, bond and futures markets in the world COMBINED! Itís estimated that every single day, something in the order of $3 TRILLION are traded in the Forex market. Itís extremely liquid.Ē

Bla, bla, bla.

Anyone who says that statement shows they are an amateur trader. Here are the facts straight from many forex brokers who work with Currenex, Lava and many major banks. A 3 trillion dollar day is a very big day and not normal at all. Also all this volume is being traded over 50+ pairs and over a 24 hour period, so any one second you hit an order on the EUR/GBP there is not one billion on the other side waiting to take the trade. A hundred million dollar order WILL HAVE SOME SLIPPAGE, if not that is proof 99% of the time that the broker is trading against you. It might only be 2-5 pips of slippage, but that is unacceptable to me, is it to you? It should be. That is why I am limiting the number of subscribers.

Q: What is the main difference between your program and other Forex trading robots?

A: Thatís quite simple. To start with, thereís NO other forex auto program in existence that has a track record of almost 6 years with absolute consistency. Thatís what Forex trading is all about; trading with accuracy, reliability and profitability.

Second, the trading logic on which the program is based is a new discovery. I have been in this business for years and when I tell you this is a new discovery, I mean it. This new discovery makes it possible to outperform any Forex system, robot, trader, or method. My proprietary ďIncremental Reverse Ratio Money ManagementĒ is an absolute new discovery. It is not covered in any of Alexander Elders money management systems, books or anywhere else. Those of you who have been trading a while know exactly who Dr. Elder is and his revolutionary work in the field of trading psychology and money management. Besides the system itself being awesome the new breakthrough in money management is even more exciting.

Q: If your Forex Auto Program is so profitable and accurate, why are you selling it?

A: Because I want to make more money! Iím not going to hide the fact and this is a simple way to boost my trading account so that the program can compound it for me. Additionally, it's important for you to understand that the Forex market is so huge; allowing others to use my robot wonít affect my trading profitability, as long as I limit the number of subscribers so none of us get slippage.So why not make money from its sale as well as from its trading? 

Also, very importantly, I like the interaction with other traders/new comers. It gives me something else to do and focus on during the day while my program trades for me. To be honest, I can sit all day, do nothing and just see the cash roll in from the programs trading, but Iím the type of person who likes to diversify, meet new people and, yes, help others.

Q: Will you be there to help me if I have any questions at all?

A: Absolutely. As I said above, a great part of why I started this project was to be able to get involved, to meet and help new people. Anything you need, anything at all, Iíll be at your disposal. Thereís nothing more rewarding than seeing someone succeed because of the help you provided to them. Plus for years I have seen scam signal companies come and go. I always said if I ever did one I would do it this way and that way. I also said I would never start a signal company because of the deliverability issues. I recently got that solved and the burden to help people has grown even more so I finally decided to formally launch a signal company done the right way.

Q: What pairs does it trade?

A: Only the EUR/GBP and GBP/USD. You donít need a lot of pairs to make a lot of money.

Q: Does the system have stops?
A: Yes. It has 20-150 pip hard stops on all trades.

ďI Absolutely GUARANTEE That By Being Part
Of My Forex Auto Program Family You'll Be Amongst The Most Successful And Most Profitable Forex Traders in The WorldĒ

I'm giving a select group of people the opportunity to live the dream that EVERY single trader in the world has: trading with a system that has had absolutely long term consistency.

This isnít just a great trading product; itís a complete income solution.

The biggest problems people have when searching for an income solution are that they don't have the required amount of time and/or money to invest in order to achieve success.

Pay close attention:

There is no other income opportunity on this planet that:

A. Requires so little of your investment (can start with $500)

B. Requires absolutely no time commitment, and

C. Results can be seen and ENJOYED within minutes of starting.

I could say that I FEEL my Forex Auto Program is the best trading product on the market...

I could say that I THINK my Forex Auto Program is the best trading product on the market...


Why? Simply because ďfeelingsĒ and ďthoughtsĒ are not FACTS.

Itís a SOLID FACT that my Forex Auto Program has outperformed every single trading product in existence and every single business opportunity out there Ė thatís the plain and simple truth.

You just can't compete with almost 6 years of solid results.


Let's Recap On The 6 Most Important Benefits Of My Forex Auto Program



1.      Very Low Start Up

You can start trading my Forex Auto program on a live account with as little as $500. It goes without saying, no other serious income opportunity requires such low start-up capital.


2.      Zero Risk

You can start trading on a free demo account which is offered by almost every single Forex broker. Within minutes youíll see the robot trading for you as if it were real trades and real money. Youíll see the power of my Forex Auto program, youíll witness its real power and unheard of overall consistency!


3.      True Autopilot Ė ďSet & ForgetĒ

While many Forex products are advertised as being ďautopilotĒ...90% of them are NOT. My Forex Auto program trades for you. You do not have to move a finger. Install it, open the software and youíre done! The only reason for coming back is to check your profits.


4.      Consistent Money Machine

The accuracy and profitability of my Forex Auto program is so high that I often think of it as a personal ATM Ė it spits out money almost every month!


5.      My Unconditional Support

As a valued client and team member, youíll have my unconditional support, no matter what it is that you need, Iíll be there for you. I love helping - it provides me with great satisfaction and I guarantee that your needs will be my top priority.


6.      Foolproof Simplicity and Speed

I know many programs are advertised as being accessible to complete beginners. The sad truth is that, more often than not, theyíre filled with complicated jargon and difficult procedures to understand, etc.

My Forex Auto program requires ABSOLUTELY no learning curve whatsoever! Even if youíve never heard the word ďForexĒ before youíll be up and running in the blink on an eye, thatís my promise to you!

Pricing My Forex Auto Program Was Not An Easy Task. Let Me Tell You Why... 

How in the world do you price the most accurate and profitable income opportunity thatís proven its ability to generate profitable trades over almost 6 years hands free?

It would certainly be much easier if my Forex Auto program was ďjust anotherĒ product like so many others out there.

But it is not. Itís the real deal. Itís what many people have been waiting for. Itís a true pass to financial freedom. A REAL way to grow wealthy.

I honestly believe that itís a life changing solution.

Imagine tomorrow waking up naturallyÖ no alarm clock, no stress, no commuting... no agenda. The day is yours to do as you please because youíre financially secure. Things happen on YOUR terms and not on somebody else's!

The only thing you ďhaveĒ to do is check your account growth every week... the profits that keep on rolling in and building up.

Itís actually funny how oneís life can change in a matter of moments and how dealing with the hardships in life can be a thing of the past.

If I charged what my Forex Auto program is truly worth, the only thing I would achieve putting it out of the reach of 99% of those reading this page because they couldnít afford it. Itís that simple.

You know the reason why Iím selling my Forex Auto program:

I want to make extra money to boost my own trading account and I also want the challenge of helping other people. Its fun, itís fulfilling and it gives me something to do while my Forex Auto program trading for me.

My conclusion is...

Why not give a few others a chance to live a great life if it doesn't affect me or anyone else trading with my Forex Auto program?

Itís a win-win situation for everyone who is able to get in.

Most people want to be a believer, but must see it first. I donít blame you. I was the same way when I tested over 25 other signal companies. That is why I offer a 90 day money back guarantee*. This $97 is to weed out the tire kickers who wonít turn on their Metatrader software or follow my simple instructions. If it costs you nothing then you value it as nothing. If you think $97 is ďripping you offĒ than I donít want to have you as a client.

Depending on your account size $97 per month is nothing for 10.27% returns per month.

One last thing...

Iím shouldering all the risk...

I TRULY donít want your money if youíre not 110% satisfied with my Forex Auto program. Notice I said ď110%Ē! Itís not enough for me to know that youíre only ďhappyĒ. I want you to be blown away and excited and I know Iíll achieve this.

Let's make this formal:

Your Complete Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

Take advantage of the time-limited introductory price while you can.

My refund policy is for 90 days* and not 30 or 60 days like others out there.
This gives you a fair chance to test out my system.

My personal e-mail address is - if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me.

The futureís in your hands.

You can either go on living life just the way it is right now. Feeling trapped in your job, watching the economy collapse, and feeling like you have no control over your financial life.


You can take charge. Right here, right now. Stop blindly following useless money making programs. Finally experience life the way it was meant to be - with true financial freedom.

The choice is yours. The choice is easy. Make it today.

I use a 128 bit encryption service company for credit card processing.


PS- Are you tired of not having consistency in your trading?

Are you tired of staying up all night trying to catch a trade?

Are you tired of losing your health and family over trading? I donít know about you, but I like to sleep.What is the point of making all this trading money if I canít sleep at night with my spouse?

Are you tired of switching from system to system with no consistent results?

If so, join today and see the difference.


* After trading the system for 90 days, if your account doesn't show a profit you can get a refund. All you will need to do is email me your trading statement.

If you are brand new to my site please demo trade my signals until you are comfortable and remember nothing I give is investment advice, just my opinion. Read the CFTC disclosure rules for details:

Disclaimer and Warning

Trading commodity futures, options and forex is not for everyone. It is a volatile, complex, and risky business. Before you invest any money in futures or options contracts, you should:
Consider your financial experience, goals, and financial resources and know how much you can afford to lose above and beyond your initial payment.
Understand commodity futures and option contracts and your obligations in entering into those contracts.
Understand your exposure to risk and other aspects of trading by thoroughly reviewing the risk disclosure documents your broker is required to give you.
Know who to contact if you have a problem or question.
Know that you are dumb if you trade money that is meant to feed the kids at home. Just checking if you are still reading.
For more details go to:

Commodity Futures Trading Commission NOTICE: Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.



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