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Babypips is the only site I give 5 stars because itís free and has some good basic information. However, if you are looking for a mentor that can help you 1-on-1 to become a successful trader, then the only person I recommend is Mike Swanson. He is the only one that I know of that is the REAL DEAL and will not fill you full of garbage. Here is the link to his site with Free Videos to get you started:

Mike Swanson - Free Forex Videos

Beware of all the courses with lots of hype.

My grading system is as follows:

5 ***** = A Must buy

4 **** = Highly recommended

3 *** = Something to consider

2 ** = Most likely should not buy unless you have some extra money

1 * = Don't buy

0 = Don't take or waste your time on it even if it was given away for free


Name Rating Site
Mike Swanson 4
James Dicks
0 and
FXCM Training Courses 1
Rob Booker 2 5
AIMEfx 2
Bird Watching in Lion Country 3
Tom Yeoman 2
Raghee Horner 1
Forexinterbank 3
Forex Wealth 2
Scalping The Forex 3
CFG 1 2
FX Trainer/Trading Post 1
Tradeology 0
Learn Forex 2
WinningTradersAssociation 0
Forex Master Maker 0
Rapid Forex 1
Club INO 3
Sure Fire Forex 1
Institutional Forex System 0
Chart Advisor 0
Forex Trading Machine 1
Computrade 0
241 Forex 0
FX Spark 1
Global One Group 0
DC Bonta 1
Freedom Rocks 0
FX Boot Camp 1
King Forex Signals 0
Forex MIG 0
Korzec 0


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